Hardware Requirements at Your End

No rocket science here but just a few tips on a hardware setup to optimise your communication.


Consider a decent quality, high resolution webcam. You will spend a lot of time on it and the results between a good setup and a cheap one can be substantial particularly in lower light environments. Laptop cameras are ok but struggle in lower light.


If you are doing a lot of conferencing consider the lighting available. As mentioned, lighting will have an impact on the quality of your video so additional lighting (like a desk lamp or ring light) will make a huge difference at the other end.


Consider a decent microphone or headset. Headsets tend to work the best, particularly in offices where others are in ear shot. Be willing to spend a few extra dollars on a better quality unit and avoid bluetooth, it's flaky when it comes to audio and wired is way more reliable (and cheaper).

If you are in a private office and planning on spending a bit of time conferencing, grab a stand alone auxiliary microphone for best audio results.

PC, Mac, Laptop

Honestly, in 99% of cases the speed of your PC won't have much of an impact on your ability to effectively manage your offshore team. Your internet connection will play a bigger role.

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