How to Boost Retention

There is nothing worse than investing your heart and soul into a staff member just to lose them. And in some respects it can be even harder to start again in an offshore world. 

A big part of what we do at Yoonet is assist you in retaining your staff over the long term to maximise your return and avoid the challenges of starting again. We provide you advice on when and what you can do to reward your VA’s, on the ground support and assistance to implement your retention strategies and an engaging, safe and healthy workplace to make sure Yoonetis your VA’s employer of choice locally. 

Yoonet benefits

Our provincial location significantly assists our clients in their retention of great staff. Locally we are the only Australian employer and one of a handful of western employers. Being Australian matters, as it allows your VA to work a normal work day (7am to 4pm local time) whereas the majority of western employers are US or UK based meaning back of the clock hours locally. 

VA work for western enterprise is highly sought after and with next to no other western VA options locally, an opportunity within the Yoonet team is prized and that translates to staff wanting to stick around. The alternative for many is to migrate to Manila, Clarke or Cebu where the majority of western BPO’s are based.

Practical things you can (and should) do

Wage growth - Like anywhere, wage growth forms part of a retention strategy but probably not to the extent that it does in the Australian context simply because there are other options available to you that have a similar impact. Our model means we handle base wage growth to allow you to avoid the hassle. You can of course add to any recommendations we may make but we encourage clients to leave the base wage stuff to us. 

Private Health Insurance - Private Health is simply out of reach for most, employer paid health insurance is a significant retention opportunity. There are different levels available with the potential to add immediate family to the policy. This allows for incremental benefits over time to be added further supporting retention of your VA over the journey. 

De-minimis - Incidental cash or kind benefits each month that do not form part of the employees taxable income. De-minimis includes things like rice or other staples for consumption by the family.

Cash Bonuses - Can be a great way to reward effort without creating ongoing obligations. Small bonuses throughout the year can keep your team members motivated.

Leave - Statutory leave is 5 days per annum but they do have access to more public holidays than is typical in Australia (normally about 4 extra public holidays per annum). Increasing leave allowances overtime can reward your VA without increasing costs. Leave over the Christmas period is highly prized given the catholic traditions make Christmas a big deal.

Our HR department works closely with you to design and implement a retention approach to ensure you maximise your investment and keep your team engaged over the journey.

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