Transfering Data and Information

The nature and complexity of the processes you are executing offshore will determine the scale of the infrastructure required to transfer information or data to your team. From the simple to the complex, our clients cover the full spectrum.

Simple information management

In most cases, VA’s are executing processes in cloud based solutions like Xero for accounting. In these environments, a lot of information can be transferred/stored within the solutions themselves. Natively cloud based solutions are the most suited to VA support. 

Digital Workflows and Automation

Where VA’s are performing complex business processes across multiple software or platforms, investment in digital workflows with or without process automation adds enormous value. Clients with large teams and volume of processes often invest in digital workflow solutions to task, track and report on the status of information being processed by their team. Our preferred digital workflow solution is Podio and we multiple clients in Podio infrastructure benefiting from its many features.

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