2023, It's a wrap!

This year went by in a flash and was full of learning and growth. 

Seeing healthy growth across the business in all sectors was underpinned by our long-term engagement with the Balanga community.

In a world where staff are hard to find, we enjoyed a record number of applicants - 1406 in total!

yoonet recruitment

We’re working closely with the Government and University to ensure we are an integral part of where we work and have learnt the reputation of the leading business of our kind in the region, being awarded the InvestBalanga Kagitingan Accord Award.

We are underpinned by our people and systems. In the background, this year, we have been working full-time on a new platform for our recruitment process. It will give us new found super powers and you an industry-leading platform to manage the process of your next hire with us.

We are launching this in early 2024. Stay tuned!

parts of yoonet application

The Marketplace Team has had an incredible year, seeing 50% growth. Webflow and Bubble are both next-gen applications that have been an amazing addition to our skillset. As technology screams ahead, we’re committed to being at the forefront of the change and delivering the solutions our clients require to remain competitive.

Here are some sites we’ve launched on Webflow this year.

the big picture homepage
weston building homepage
podiatry supplies homepage
total trees homepage
mark winter homepage
my midwives homepage
leading care homepage
balanga directory homepage
complete body homepage
beauty bed homepage

As we look back on the year we’ve enjoyed, we will use what we've learned to ensure 2024 delivers to our clients and team all the good things we are known for, but only better.

We’re here for the long haul and will continue to be your trusted partner in business.

Thank you so much for your amazing support,

Ben, Gav, Honey, and the whole team here at Yoonet.