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Basic FAQs

Is there a minimum commitment?

We don't require a minimum contractual commitment; however, under Philippine law, we must pay a minimum of 3 months' wages to new hires. Our deposit terms cover the unlikely event that you cease a contract with us within three months of commencement.

Are you an Australian Entity?

Yes, we are. You are contracting Yoonet Pty Ltd (ACN 631 046 690) to provide services. Australian law governs the terms and conditions of our engagement. All offshore staff are engaged by a related entity registered in the Philippines, Yoonet Pty Ltd INC, and we maintain a separate services agreement between our two companies.

Is the person I hire actually my employee?

Technically, we employ the individual in our Philippines entity to comply with Philippine law, and we then second that employee to your organisation to work exclusively for you. You task the individual and engage with them just like an internal employee. 

We consider it "our employee" but "your team".

We are responsible for all compliance with Philippine HR law.

What leave entitlements does my hire get?

Under our Yoonet employment agreement, your team member is entitled to 2 weeks of annual leave and eight days of sick leave each year. You can increase the number of leave days available to your team members anytime.

Your employee is also entitled to the statutory public holidays in the Philippines. We substitute, whenever possible, Australian public holidays for Philippines public holidays, but sometimes your team member will take a public holiday that aligns differently than ours.

Monthly billing remains unchanged if your employee is on paid leave of any kind. If your employee has no leave entitlements (and Yoonet has no obligation to pay them whilst taking said leave), we will adjust your billing to reflect the additional leave days taken without pay. 

Do you provide a replacement guarantee?

We do not provide a replacement guarantee if your initial hire does not work out. We back ourselves to presenting only quality candidates that will add value if appropriately supported by you.

If, in the unlikely event, your hire does not work out, we will work closely with you to find a replacement and support you with internal resources whilst we do so. 

What happens if I want to terminate a team member?

Depending on the circumstances, there are various ways in which we can cease the employment of staff. In a very general sense, what applies in Australia applies in the Philippines. If a redundancy or termination pay would arise from the same action in Australia, it is highly likely to apply in the Philippines.

We assess each case on a case-by-case basis and work with you to find the most appropriate and lawful way to transition staff. Ultimately, given the liability rests with our employing entity in the Philippines, we retain the ultimate say in how an employee is terminated.


How is pricing calculated?

Our pricing is made up of two components: our management charges and the selected employee expenses. Our management fees cover HR management services, desking, internet, hardware and peripherals, and our team engagement and general management services. Management charges are charged per employee and reduced with each additional hire.

We also charge a one-time recruitment fee for each new hire and an initial deposit calculated as two (2) months of our management fee.

Employee expenses are the direct wages payable to the employee plus statutory benefits calculated at 17% of the employee base wage.

What is the initial deposit for?

The initial deposit covers any termination costs should you choose to end the employment of a selected team member. Under Philippine law, like in Australia, some statutory payments may apply in certain circumstances (redundancy, annual leave, etc). The deposit can be used by us to pay these costs or returned to you after an employee's employment with us should no payments to the departing employee be required. 

How and when am I billed?

We accept direct debit or credit card payments only and do not offer payment terms. We charge monthly in advance for all ongoing fees.

The initial deposit and recruitment charges are charged upon engagement with us. Should you not select an employee, the deposit is returned to you.

What about overtime?

Overtime is available up to an agreed cap each month. Should you wish to use overtime, you are required to subscribe to our overtime platform. You can then pre-approve a number of hours for your team to utilise during a specified time. 

The team logs their hours up to the agreed cap, and you are automatically billed at the completion of each month for overtime consumed.

How are cost increases handled?

Our management fees are increased each July 1 by the average Philippines CPI (all items) for the preceding 12-month period.

Employee's wages are increased based on performance. Our team will recommend increases as and where appropriate. Should you approve a salary increase, your contract is updated automatically to reflect the increase. You can authorise salary increases or performance bonuses at any time by notice to us.

What currency do you bill in?

We bill in Australian Dollars.

Privacy and Security

How do you handle privacy of my data?

You can view our privacy policy here. We take the privacy of your data seriously and take all reasonable steps to ensure its security. We are aware of the obligations imposed by the Australian Privacy Guidelines and act within those obligations in performing our services. We also implement a comprehensive data security breach procedure.

What security measures do you implement?

From a technical perspective, we enforce two-factor authentication on all accounts your team accesses. We do not allow local saving of any data and utilise only those cloud solutions used by you during the ordinary course of your business. Typically, this will be Google Drive or Dropbox. All USB ports are disabled on the hardware. Our premises are guarded 24/7 by security and CCTV. Access to our facilities is solely via biometric fingerprint scanners.

Do you provide confidentiality agreement or NDA's?

Our general terms and conditions cover confidentiality between you and us. We are happy to enter into standalone confidentiality agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements at a company level and for individual employees working directly with you.

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