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At Yoonet, we don't just provide offshore services; we build long-lasting relationships with our clients, connecting them with exceptional Filipino talent and building motivated teams that will exceed expectations, enhance productivity, and propel their business forward. Located in a thriving provincial area, our team enjoys an excellent living environment, reducing commute times and further bolstering their commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Heart is Home

Experience unparalleled benefits from our thriving provincial location, where reduced commute times and pristine air quality fuel happiness, loyalty, and productivity for remarkable long-term success. Choose us to build a vibrant, motivated team to surpass your expectations and transform your business.

Our Journey

From humble beginnings, Yoonet has transformed into a boutique small business offshore specialist. Though our services have evolved, one constant remains at the heart of our operations - our cherished connection with the remarkable people of the Philippines and our desire to see local small businesses thrive.

From humble

Discovering exceptional Filipino talent in our early days of building websites opened our eyes to the immense potential of the Philippines. As we expanded, we recognized the importance of implementing structured processes to ensure seamless service delivery by our offshore team. This experience honed our process design and mapping skills, ultimately proving invaluable to our clients as we transitioned into providing offshore staffing solutions.

Over the journey, we've supported large and small businesses, from national brands with revenues in the hundreds of millions annually to solopreneurs just getting started. As we evolved, we refined our core mission to what it is today - to provide small Australian businesses with exceptional Filipino talent to support their growth whilst providing unparalleled employment opportunities in our regional community. Our evolution from a startup utilising Filipino talent to grow our web business to a full-service BPO provider, finding and managing offshore talent on behalf of our clients, equips us with a unique ability to truly understand the needs of our clients and the talent that supports them.

From humble beginnings, Yoonet has transformed into a boutique small business offshore specialist. Though our services have evolved, one constant remains at the heart of our operations - our cherished connection with the remarkable people of the Philippines.

At Yoonet, our strategic decision to operate in a provincial location allows us to leverage the unique benefits of this setting for both our clients and staff. Our regional advantage helps reduce inflationary pressure on wages, creating a cost-effective solution for businesses. Employees enjoy a better work-life balance thanks to shorter commutes, less congestion, and a more relaxed pace of life, which fosters higher job satisfaction and retention for our clients. Our presence in provincial areas also aligns with the strong Filipino cultural value of staying close to family, ensuring a content and dedicated workforce.

By embracing our proudly provincial status, we contribute to local communities, support economic development, and establish ourselves as an ethical and sustainable partner for your business. Choose Yoonet and experience the advantages of a cost-effective, sustainable outsourcing solution that prioritises the well-being of our remarkable team while helping you grow your business.

Proudly Provincial

Owner's Journey

Our founders, Ben and Gav, share a long history dating back to their days on the Saint Albans under 8's soccer team in the late '80s. Although their paths diverged, their mutual appreciation for the value Filipino talent brings to small businesses ultimately reunited them.

Ben began employing Filipino professionals over a decade ago, driven by the scarcity of onshore talent, high staff turnover, and escalating costs. Despite early challenges, his persistence paid off as Yoonet grew and evolved. Ben's innate understanding of people and ability to build lasting relationships is at the heart of Yoonet's success.

Gav's offshoring journey followed a more "traditional" path. As a large property business director, he sought to leverage the Philippines' immense talent pool to enhance his company's administrative capacity. Working with a Manila-based BPO provider, Gav built an extensive accounting and administration team over 6 six years.

Their shared interest in offshoring brought Ben and Gav together again. They combined their collective experience, unique talents, and passion for creating opportunities for Filipinos to form Yoonet. Gav's expertise in process, systems, and business administration complements Ben's exceptional people and relationship-building skills, amplifying their strengths and benefiting clients.

Ben and Gav are committed to helping small businesses excel by embracing offshore talent, supported by robust processes and cutting-edge technology.

Craig Hess from CEOffice Concepts

As a customer of Yoonet for a number of years, the relationship between our two organisations has been very beneficial. Our core team have become valued members of our operations and the ability to access additional support services as and when needed has enabled our business to grow beyond our expectations.

Craig Hess

CEOffice Concepts

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