Our Approach

Our approach is designed to attract and retain the best talent, and guide you along the way.

Talent Identification

We use various recruitment channels to maximise our reach. As one of very few foreign owned businesses in our provincial location, we are an employer of choice and attract, and retain, the very best the area has to offer.We advertise each role and don't generally carry a bank of talent. We believe testing the market each time is the best way to find great talent consistently.Our multi-stage interview process ensures that the candidate/s we present to you are extremely well vetted prior to introduction to you. This reduces the time required of you in the recruitment process whilst increasing our chances of success.

At Yoonet, our strategic decision to operate in a provincial location allows us to leverage the unique benefits of this setting for both our clients and staff. Our regional advantage helps reduce inflationary pressure on wages, creating a cost-effective solution for businesses. Employees enjoy a better work-life balance thanks to shorter commutes, less congestion, and a more relaxed pace of life, which in turn fostWe have a thorough, structured internal onboarding and initial training process that all new hires are put through.This process is designed to provide new staff with a foundational understanding of the allied health industry and introduce them to tools like Cliniko.Following our onboarding we hand over to you to commence your training and onboarding.ers higher job satisfaction and retention for our clients. Our presence in provincial areas also aligns with the strong Filipino cultural value of staying close to family, ensuring a content and dedicated workforce.

Onboarding and initial training

Initial support and process implementation

We work closely with you both prior to and immediately after hiring your new team member to ensure you get off on the right foot.During the initial months, a client success manager is assigned to you and works closely with you to help wherever possible in establishing your new hire into your team. At this time your manager can assist you to implement or adapt some or all of our standard workflows to get started quicker.Your Manager is available to answer any questions you may have, assist the new hire in understanding their tasks and role and generally support you in your first months.

Understanding how your employee is tracking is critically important to your long term success. To help, we conduct both formal and informal reviews over the course of your employees journey to ensure everyone understands how they are tracking. In the first 3 months we undertake short monthly reviews to get your feedback on progress and address any issues that arise early in the process. Once established we conduct annual 360 degree reviews to assess your team members performance internally by our management team. You play a key role in this process and can provide feedback directly to your employee and to our team where required to assist with the ongoing support of your employee.We provide ongoing HR service for you to manage our staff performance. Engagement is key to retention in the Philippines. We hold regular Yoonet wide team building events to ensure your staff are engaged and want to stay. To deep dive into how we work further please visit our FAQ to learn more.

Ongoing review and engagement

Our Core Values

We are a group of energetic, imaginative and naturally curious people. Developing,exploring and participating in new opportunities for improvement and growth is our passion.