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$ 56/month

Affordable support for growing businesses.

Hourly Rates

Standard - $16
Complex - $35
Really Complex - $65

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$ 150/month

A balance of value and commitment.

Hourly Rates

Standard - $15
Complex - $30
Really Complex - $55

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$ 280/month

Best for businesses with a lot of recurring tasks.

Hourly Rates

Standard - $14
Complex - $25
Really Complex - $45

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Most requests are standard rate

Generally speaking, if a request involves the building, development or creation of something new (a page, a design, an integration) then it will be a non-standard request.

The level of expertise required to perform the request determines if its complex or really complex.

We provide an estimate of time and what rate your request would fall under so your never left guessing.

Is there a minimum commitment?

No you can cancel at anytime.

Does unused credit accumulate each month?

Sure does, any value of your subscription that has not been used in the month accumulates and is available to you the following month.

What happens if I need more done but have used my monthly credit?

That's not a problem. Simply continue with your requests as normal. If you consume all of your available credit in any month, additional requests are simply charged at the applicable rate and automatically billed along with your subscription at the end of the month.

How many requests can I make in a month?

As many as you like technically but we do maintain a fair use policy which is pretty simple - we may choose not to accept an additional request from you until we have finalised the previous request received.

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