Boosting Retention for Long-Term Success with Your Offshore Team

Losing a valuable team member after investing time and effort into their growth can be disheartening, especially in an offshore context. At Yoonet, we focus on helping you retain your staff in the long term to maximize your return and avoid the challenges of starting anew. We offer guidance on rewarding your VAs, on-the-ground support to implement retention strategies, and an engaging, safe, and healthy workplace to ensure Yoonet remains their top choice for employment locally.

Yoonet's Advantage:

Our provincial location significantly contributes to our clients' ability to retain exceptional staff. As the only Australian employer and one of few Western employers in the area, we offer VAs the opportunity to work regular hours (7am-4pm local time) instead of the late-night shifts required by US or UK-based companies. With limited Western VA options in the region, a position within the Yoonet team is highly sought-after, which encourages staff to stay with us long-term.

Strategies for Retention:

  1. Wage growth - Although wage growth is important, our model handles base wage increases to make things easier for you. We encourage clients to leave base wage adjustments to us and focus on other retention strategies.
  1. Private Health Insurance - Offering employer-paid health insurance, which is usually unaffordable for most employees, can significantly boost retention. You can provide different levels of coverage, including options to add immediate family members.
  1. De-minimis Benefits - Provide incidental cash or in-kind benefits each month that do not form part of the employee's taxable income. De-minimis benefits can include rice or other staples for family consumption.
  1. Cash Bonuses - Small bonuses throughout the year can keep your team members motivated and reward their efforts without creating ongoing obligations.
  1. Leave at Christmas - Leave during the Christmas period is highly valued, given the significance of the holiday in the Philippines. We strongly recommend our clients to offer their team paid leave during the Christmas to New Year break. Any leave taken is deducted from annual leave credits as would normally apply, however extended leave at Christmas is a very effective retention strategy with no or limited marginal cost to most clients. 

Our HR department collaborates with you to design and implement a tailored retention strategy to maximize your investment and keep your team engaged for the long haul.

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