Our Story

Building websites in our early days highlighted to us the great talent that is available in the Philippines. As we grew, we learnt the importance of developing structured processes to support the delivery of our services by our offshore team at scale. This helped us develop our internal process design and mapping skills that would eventually prove invaluable to our clients as we moved into offering offshore staffing solutions like we do today. 

Over the journey we provided support, both web and staffing, to national brands with revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually but we never abandoned our core of small Australian business looking for a better solution to doing business. 

Our own evolution as an offshore business gives us a unique ability to provide services and support others in this space can't.

From humble beginnings, Yoonet has evolved to become the boutique small business offshore specialist we are today.

Whilst the services we offer have changed over our journey, one thing has remained at the heart of everything we do - our connection with the fantastic people of the Philippines.

Owners Journey

We go a long way back, all the way in fact to the great Saint Albans under 8’s soccer team of the late 80’s! And whilst we both took very different paths in the intervening years, our shared recognition of the immense value Filipinos can add to small businesses meant our paths were ultimately destined to cross once again.

Ben started employing Filipino talent over a decade ago out of sheer necessity. Lack of available talent onshore, high staff turnover and costs all contributed to Ben seeking an alternative path. After a few false starts and many challenges in the early days, his perseverance paid off and Yoonet has steadily grown and evolved to what it is today. 

Ben understands people and his natural ability to build deep and lasting relationships is at the core of Yoonet’s success. His hands-on experience building a large offshore team from scratch provides immense practical value to our clients.

Gav’s offshoring journey was a little more “traditional”. Being a director of a large property business he was interested in leveraging the immense talent available in the Philippines to boost the administrative capacity of the business. Gav engaged the services of a large BPO provider in Manila and set about building an accounting and administration team that grew to 14 staff over a 6 year period.

Overtime Gav grew to appreciate more and more the immense value offshoring could deliver to small businesses. This shared interest in offshoring brought us together again some five years ago and we decided to combine our collective experience, individual talents and shared passion for providing opportunities to Filipinos here at Yoonet. 

Gavs passion for process, systems and business administration experience combined with Ben’s unique people and relationship building skills allow us to amplify our individual skills and our clients are the primary beneficiaries.

Together we are passionate about doing small business better by embracing offshore talent and supporting them with great processes and the right technology. 

Our Filipino Heart

After years of trying to find the right person to help in the early days (and failing in one way or another), Ben met Honey and she showed him it’s possible to successfully scale a small Australian business with the right Filipino talent.

If we ever wonder why we ended up in the location we are in, it all goes back to our Honey. From developing websites and SEO together to managing the little empire we have today, Honey has been an integral part of it all.

She is our cultural heater and guiding light for traversing the often perplexing place called The Philippines.

Philippines Management Team


Managing director

It’s been incredible growing this team from the ground up with Ben. I’m proud of what we’ve created over the past 11 years and counting. Each day is an exciting venture, one I take pride in leading at the frontline daily.


Director, Head of Creative

With a blend of creative vision and business sense, I lead a team of designers and challenge them to inspire and captivate the target market. For 9 years here and a founding member I've been responsible for all creative services offered to our clients over the years.


Director, process lead

Working closely with clients to understand the processes and workflows is my happy place. You'll find me in quiet corners of the office automating things and sipping coffee. I've been with Ben now for 9 years and a pound founding member.


Head of talent

My mission is to help our clients acquire the best talent  and guide them to success. I am involved in both the recruitment of new talent and the ongoing management of the team. I work with clients to guide them in the right direction and assist them and their staff in executing their goals.


head of marketplace

I am responsible for providing the overarching support for our team's needs while ensuring we are aligned fully with Yoonet's and our clients goals. I work with our team to continually refine how we deliver for our clients and find the most effective way to maximise our clients' investment in us.


HR Manager

My goal is to enable organisational growth by hiring the right talent and aligning their learning and development objectives to your organisational needs. I care about the well-being and overall health of our whole team and aim to make them feel valued, included and provided with the opportunity to flourish.

Proudly Provincial

Our head office is located in Balanga in the province of Bataan. Unlike most providers we are not located in a major metropolitan area and that is by choice. 

Our more provincial location has allowed us to build deep and meaningful connections within the broader community. We are well known in the region and considered an employer of choice. We have built strong relationships with local government and education providers. Our deep roots mean our clients get access to better talent that is more likely to stay long term as equivalent opportunities require relocation to bigger cities such as Manila. 

Our staff are not burdened by the long commutes and high cost of living in Manila and appreciate the ability to remain close to their communities. 

Whilst provincial, Balanga draws on a population of over 160,000 people, and is well connected with high speed, reliable internet and electricity services. 

Our Facilities

We pride ourselves on the amenities we provide our team.

A-Grade office

300m2 of A-Grade office with an exceptional fit-out and all the amenities we need to attract and retain the best.

Dual Internet

Redundant, 600+mbps, low latency internet gives our clients confidence to offshore critical processes.

Redundant Power

A standalone, automatic generator provides uninterrupted power no matter the season.


With 24/7 onsite security, biometric entry and CCTV monitoring our facilities are safe and secure.

Our Approach